EZ Replay Manager - demo 1

Left click to shoot. The camera will not be recorded in this demo. See automatic reverse replay if you kill the character, or click at the buttons to record and replay! Hit "New Game" to start again. Replay will happen from another camera angle. Your game can be recorded and replayed just as easily!

Since version 1.5 it is possible to save replays to file and review them later. This functionality does not work in webplayer builds, because those are running within a browser sandbox with no real access to the file system.


  • Record any game object (also cameras, rigidbodies, characters,...).
  • Specify easily what should be recorded.
  • Programming skills not necessarily required.
  • Configure whether the user should be able to interact (starting/ending the recording/replay).
  • Change replay speed, pause, stop, rewind
  • Full heavily commented source code
  • Fully extendable
  • Since version 1.5: To lower the amount of data only real changes are being recorded (keyframe method)
  • Since version 1.5: Save a recorded replay to a file and reload it when you please.
  • Since version 1.6: compress replay files
  • Since version 1.6: save replay files on iOS
  • Since version 1.8: interpolation of replay data (always smooth replay also when you lower replay speed). Note that the demo above does not feature this, but the paid version does have it!
  • Since version 2.0: buffering of recorded data: Only recording most recent x seconds!

Downloadable Demo
We also have a free demo in the Asset Store. In the free feature limited demo the source code is protected in a DLL. By purchasing the package from the Unity Asset Store you get the whole unprotected code of course. It is entirely written in C#.

There are some limitations included in this demo package (pls see one post earlier for details) but it is sufficient to test if your application will work with the full package.


Click here for the other EZ Replay Manager live-demo.

Download the most up-to-date Readme file here.


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